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Black&Grey Atelier is a love letter to the tattoo industry and its fine collectors.  We have elevated (or) enhanced the studio experience in ways unexpected in order to showcase our immense gratitude and fully immerse you into our world.  


We embrace the bold, eccentric, weird, and queer.  The inner artist and creator that every person houses.  We are a place for the boujie as well as the rebels.  We are fine art on the skin.  Fine dining but with your feet on the coffee table.  We celebrate contrast, individuality and each person’s want to be exactly who they are. We honor our roles as facilitators in that. 


As tattooists, we know that our dream careers would not be possible without each and every one of you. 








CURVE is an audio-visual sculptural object, consisting of 120 orbs suspended in a walkthrough space. Each orb contains LEDs, a speaker, processor, wi-fi connectivity, accelerometer/movement sensor. Together they create a real-time immersive ecosystem of sound and light, a symphony of and for the Internet of Things. The result is an organic, emergent and immersive audio-visual experience.

We invite you to touch, photograph and immerse yourself within this mesmerizing piece of art.  

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Collage Art by Marc Sandoval of Molotov Gallery

Honky Tonk Heroes Collages - Mixed Media on Canvas.  

Marc's style is influenced by the artists and music from the 60's and 70's sexual revolution and counter culture era. Most of his work is of models and actresses of that time. His motto is 'draw what you like and it will keep you interested'. He is not trying to change the world or make a deep statement with his work. Marc's goal is to make it a more interesting place, while paying homage to design and fashion styles of the past. A sincere compliment makes all the effort worth it. As long as Marc is creating, he's happy.


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