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Daniel is a graphic and geometric realism artist hailing from New England.  Since learning how to draw in 2012 he has been creating large-scale surrealistic works that focus on the intersecting themes of entropy, death, being, and nothingness. Dan fell in love with tattooing when he graduated from UNH in 2019 and shortly thereafter began his professional tattoo career in New York.

Dan has developed a graphic style of tattooing that focuses on patchwork micro-realism and utilizes geometric shapes to align the realistic objects with the flow of the body.

Dan absolutely loves designing both large and small scale realistic projects in black and grey.  In particular, he works well with long term, multi-session projects to perfect the clients vision.  His patience and attention to clientele allow him to seamlessly weave their stories into the skin.  

For full portfolio check Dan out on Instagram: @everonwardink

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