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River is from the province of Yunnan Kunming in China. Prior to the US, he also lived in Thailand. A lifelong illustrator and painter who adapted his artistic skill to the medium of tattooing. He refers to his work as Needle Therapy.  A collaboration with the client of his craft realizing their vision. Ultimately, adorning the body with a form of permanent artistic and personal expression to share our stories. 


He specializes in fine line, hyper-realism, as well as geometric and dot work. His original work explores themes of cosmology especially, the intersection of nature, mysticism, and science and religion, While adept at any style, he is also very familiar with many Asian tattoo traditions. He is known to focus on black and gray with use of color limited only to when it is both meaningfully and important. 

For full portfolio check River out on Instagram: @inkriver.daniel

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